Online sightings of "I threw up." imagery:
Photos of "i threw up" sticker sightings posted here. Send your own!

Interesting Sticker Related Sites:

PEELzine (Sticker/Stencil culture fanzine) <www.peelzine.com>
New fanzine - debuted in 2003. Great dedication from the folks who created this..
Dave <www.flickr.com/people/davewarnke/>
Dave's art is found everywhere these days - stickers, posters, etc. Prolific! Fun! Critters!
You Are Beautiful <you-are-beautiful.com>
Simple message - fantastic campaign based on stickers, installations, etc.
ARRRGH! <arrrgh.org>
Be sticker happy and part of the Arrrgh mission!
Acamonchi <acamonchi-art.com>
Underground art and counterculture in the Tijuana, Mexico border region. Great stickers, stamps, stencils, etc.
Ban Comic Sans <www.bancomicsans.com>
Putting the sans in Comic Sans! Worldwide campaign to ban the often misused Comic Sans. Very entertaining.
Boobaz <www.boobaz.net/sticker/>
Report from Seattle on found stickers. Looking forward to seeing this expand!
Obey/Giant project <www.obeygiant.com>
The most prolific sticker campaign artist ever. Went from distributing cheap crack 'n peel stickers via mail to mass-producing tons of vinyl sticker designs and a line of clothing.
w/Remote <www.withremote.com>
Great stickers, stencils, posters, shirts, etc...not to mention a very cool site design. Support the cause of good!
Urban Wallpaper <www.urbanwallpaper.freeservers.com>
A Web site devoted to the stickers of contemporary propagandists. All hail!
25 <www.twentyfive.org>
Fantastic stickers, posters, stencils, etc. Re-examine your environment!
Sticker Switch <www.stickerswitch.com>
Sticker trades - get stuff from other sticker fiends from all over the place! Great site...
Other Links (random music, art, other stuff):
Devo-Obsesso <www.devo-obsesso.com>
A journey into the mind of an obsessive DEVO fan & collector (me).
Contact me if you are also a fan interested in trading DEVO related items.
binge&purge <www.ithrewup.com/bingepurge/index.html>
Collectibles for sale/trade. Music, Pop-Culture, Toys, Pinback Buttons, etc.
Collector SSScum! <www.ssscum.narod.ru>
My Sigue Sigue Sputnik collection online. SSS are the UK spawned 80's gods of eletronic Rock n' Roll! Featuring Tony James of Generation X fame. Contact me for trades!
THOR - The Rock Warrior <www.thorcentral.com>
Official site of 80's metal god, THOR! Famous for bending steel bars and blowing up hot water bottles onstage. His career continues in 2003! All Hail THOR!!