A: .An experimental sticker campaign which strives to manipulate meaning by altering the multitudes of messages that surround us. It is an exploration of not only the process of implication, but the creative reclamation of advertising & public spaces. The stickers are designed to work like cartoon speech bubbles, and are usually placed strategically as to indicate speech. Target images are usually people, animals, or any sort of personified object or character.

Visit the gallery to see photos of how these stickers have been used worldwide. Please send in your own pics for display on this site.

A history of the"I threw up." project:
The idea of Implied Regurgitation came about because of an invitation to host an art show at LUMP Gallery in Raleigh, NC. The guys at LUMP asked me and a close friend, Dianna Mayo, if we had any ideas for an exhibit for the following year. We were excited about doing a show at the newest, most interesting gallery in Raleigh, so we told them we'd present them with an idea ASAP. 

Soon after, Dianna and I were perusing the used T-shirts during a visit to a thrift store in San Francisco. We chatted about how some of the designs on the shirts would be better if we could just alter them with some simple customization. I saw a Snoop Dogg T-shirt that featured a photo of his face on the front. I couldn't quite read his expression, but it was somewhere between concerned and pissed. Or maybe he had a stomach ache. A vision of a speech bubble coming from Snoop's head appeared in my mind, and I thought for a second about what it might say. The phrase "I threw up." popped into my head, and I liked how Snoop looked saying it. It completely changed how I read his expression. Dianna and I both agreed that it would be fun to put together a show based on altering various objects via the "I threw up." bubble.
After spending months acquiring and altering hundreds of items, an opening reception was held at LUMP in July. We called it "Exploring The Power of Implied Regurgitation", in an effort to give the stickers a more scientific purpose. Altered items included T-shirts, paintings, photographs, novelty mirrors, McDonald's serving trays, LP covers, tapestries, and much more. Custom screen-printed stickers and fridge magnets (hand cut!) were also available for sale at the show.

We received some pre-show local newspaper coverage, as well as a positive printed review post- show. See more images of the actual LUMP Gallery show here.
Dianna and I had always wanted to take the stickers with us anywhere we went in case we discovered any good targets. However, the small amount we were able to hand-cut for the show didn't give us that option. A year or two passed, but I was eventually able to afford a batch of 10,000 professionally printed and die-cut "I threw up." stickers. My hope is that they will provide entertainment and decor for people worldwide (a la Shepard Fairey's ingenious Andre the Giant sticker campaign). I devised some simple packaging and started distributing "I threw up." stickers immediately. An initial Web site was soon built by Dave Zahn to showcase a few Implied Regurgitation images from around the world.
After learning how to build simple Web sites, I designed and uploaded
a completely new Implied Regurgitation site on June 8th.
Newly designed packages were also made to better match the site. Enjoy!

PHOTO: Me and JB and a very well decorated crosswalk sign - somewhere in the USA - 2002
Been going strong now since the site launch in 2002. I think I'll actually run out of stickers soon, so a the 2nd batch of "I threw up." stickers should be available by the end of 2003. This means that we'll be able to offer "I threw up." speech bubble stickers coming from both directions, left & right, rather than only be able to use bubbles pointing toward the right. Keep checking back for more info.
A new batch of 10,000 "I threw up." stickers was completed in late 2003
Now available in 2004.
Now you'll get speech-bubble stickers coming from both the
left & the right in your next pack.

Continuing to sicken our surroundings...
Now we can offer you a FREE "I threw up." mouse cursor!

Thanks to Kristin Evans and Max Hall for creating the cursor
and submitting it to the cause of Implied Regurgitation.

A new batch of 10,000 "I threw up." stickers was completed in 2006


"Living Dead Doll Implies Regurgitation" piece
in the first Living Dead Dolls Art Show at The Showroom in NYC.

New Mini-Stickers for 2007!

Only 7/8" wide

(Actual Size)

For a limited time, any order of a 20-Pack or
Gift Pack includes a few ltd. edition mini-stickers.
New "I Threw Up" Rubber Stamps & Magnets!

We continue documenting evidence of Implied Regurgitation worldwide.

Sticker stock is noticably low! Might have to reorder soon.

A new batch of 10,000 "I threw up." stickers was manufactured in Feb. 2010.
This is our first major sticker order since we had 10K made in 2006.

This year we welcomed Dion October Lucas to the organization.

She has been helping us spread the word in London, UK since 2005, and
has recently been instrumental in helping us branch out to Facebook,
Twitter, and Flickr. She also creates some fantastic sticker art herself.