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Simone Turkington's stickered face.
Here's the story from Simone:

"The story of the sticker is that I had a couple a margaritas and a big drag of a cigarette. This wasn't good since I don't usually smoke. Because of the drag, I felt ill and asked for a bucket to be brought to my bedside. I slept a little, but while my husband was still asleep, the urge hit and so I puked into the bucket by my bed. In the morning, I told my husband "I threw up last night." He commiserated for under a minute, then promptly leapt out of bed, grabbed the pile of stickers from the shelf and planted one on my cheek. I happily wore it for over an hour and greatly amused our house guests who were aware of my indiscretion."

Los Angeles, CA - April 2008

submitted by Simone Turkington